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There are more than 20 WA Electrical Inspectors who visit homes, commercial premises and construction sites to check that any new electrical equipment installed is safe and meets regulations.

Who we are

WA Electrical Inspectors (WAEI) is owned and operated by Western Power. Our team of electrical inspectors perform a unique role on behalf of the WA safety regulator, EnergySafety. This designation is issued under the Energy Coordination Act 1994 and provides certain powers of inspection including entry without notice on to or into land or premises and the right to make any inspection, examination, sampling, inquiry, test, or information request.

The WAEI also helps Western Power, as the network operator, to satisfy the requirements of regulation 253 of the Electricity Regulations 1947, “Systems of inspection”.

What we do

Simply, we carry out inspections on electrical equipment and connection services. We undertake around 25,000 inspections each year, these may be on anything from a new kitchen fan through to a new streetlight or even an entire hospital. As the Electricity Network provider, Western Power can play an important role in keeping the community safe by ensuring all properties are safely connected to the poles and wires in the south west of Western Australia. Here’s some examples of new installations that are automatically selected for inspection by WAEI sampled inspection system - Fiona Stanley Hospital, the new Perth stadium, Elizabeth Key, possibly your new house or the new down-lights you just had installed. 

WAEI is also responsible for carrying out investigations into electrical fire and electric shock incidents on properties


South West Interconnected Network (SWIN)

WAEI operates within Western Power’s South West Interconnected Network (SWIN). three teams of Electrical Inspectors work within the SWIN (North, Central and South) covering a very large geographic area of 261,000 square kilometres.