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When the announcement to build the new Perth Stadium was made in 2011, WA Electrical Inspector Adrian Chapelhow couldn’t believe his lucky stars - the new stadium was his.

As an electrical inspector, Adrian’s job is to review work undertaken by electrical contractors. He’s part of the 20 plus strong team of WA Electrical Inspectors (WAEI) which visit homes, commercial premises and construction sites to check that any new electrical equipment installed is safe and meets regulations.

Adrian is no stranger to big, multifaceted jobs, having worked on several high-rise projects including Crown Towers. His experiences have taught him the best approach for these projects; trust and transparency.

“Transparency is key. If all stakeholders openly communicate we can resolve any issues over the various stages of the project.”

“The main driver is to ensure all work is done safely and to the highest standard possible.”

Adrian has been the main set of eyes on the Perth Stadium project since before delivery of the first roll of wire. Throughout the project he often brought in a second inspector, “to make sure safety is always in sharp focus”.

“It’s always healthy to have a second perspective on safety. It keeps you fresh and calibrated to the job at hand.”

“Looking at the stadium on paper it’s a huge project: 6,500 power points; 7,500 light fittings; hundreds of kilometres of wiring; and four high voltage substations. But just like any project you break it down to manageable slices and in stages.”

Perth Stadium will open in 2018, and Adrian is proud to have played a part.  “It’s one of the largest and highest profile construction projects in the state. It’s been fun watching coming together, layer by layer, from the ground up.”

By the numbers

Jan-16 First on site involvement from WAEI
1 1.5MVA HV transformer
2 WP Intake Substations
4 2MVA  backup generators              
4 internal substations / switch rooms
5 2MVA HV transformers
10 Main and secondary kitchens
92 Food &Beverage outlets
158 Nilsen electrical workers and subcontractors on site during the project
298 switchboards (incl. dbs) in the entire stadium
891 1530 Watt 1 phase light fittings for the oval lighting = 1.36MW total wattage
6,500 switched socket outlets in the stadium
7,500 lighting points/fittings in the entire stadium
12MVA  Total calculated maximum power supply the stadium can use if required
6.4MVA Expected maximum demand at full operations (Game day/concerts etc.)